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FSU Childcare & Early Learning Programs
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Research & Training

As part of our second mission, "to provide young adult student an extension of the classroom that allows hands–on, learning opportunities to develop professionally," we partner with various academic departments to support research and training projects such as research, class projects, observations, practicums, internships and other out–of–the–class experiences. In order that the maximum benefit is obtained from this mutual enterprise, the Associate Director for the program must review and approve all research and training requests. Requests are evaluated according to the costs and benefits of the study to the programs, research ethics, and center philosophies.

The first step is to complete the research/request form. The request will be reviewed and the Associate Director for the program will contact the researcher to make an appointment to discuss the request. The interview generally requires between 45 minutes to an hour to fully discuss the project.

For researchers requesting to use children, families, or teachers as subjects, a current IRB approval letter must be submitted with request before Associate Director approval can be given. The National Institute of Health offers a free on–line course that addresses the importance of protecting human research participants and can be found here .

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