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FSU Childcare & Early Learning Program

FSU Childcare & Early Learning Programs
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About FSU Childcare & Early Learning Programs

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality care and educational environment for young children that promotes lifelong learning and supports the academic and professional success of students, faculty, and staff.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children are, by nature, curious and eager learners. We believe that young children learn best when they experience their environment first hand in play. It is their direct experience in the world with the people, places, and objects at hand that spark their innate desire to "find out", "figure out", or otherwise solve problems that present themselves through the course of everyday events. The teachers provide the expert guidance and support for "knowing" how things work and how to successfully live in the world with self and others.

Our Core Values

Core Value 1: Childhood Education & Skill Building
Provide a quality educational environment that instills a love of learning and prepares children for school through education and skill building.

Core Value 2: Student Development
Facilitate experimental learning opportunities for training, professional development, relationship building and career preparation.

Core Value 3: Access & Success
Provide an affordable, accessible, and sustainable program that supports students, faculty, and staff in reaching their goals at the University.

Core Value 4: Caring Community
Promote an environment that is safe, supportive, welcoming, inclusive and cultivates a sense of belonging for each child, family, student, and staff member.

Our Staff

Tiffany Karnisky, MSW

No Picture Available Director of Operations
Program Director
Tel: (850) 644–7970

Bill Stacey

Bill Stacey Program Coordinator
Finance and Grants Compliance

Tel: (850) 644–7970

Brenda Thompkins

Brenda Thompkins Program Associate
Tel: (850) 644–2035

Bruce Guyton

Bruce Guyton General Trades Technician
Tel: (850) 644-7970

Dana O'Connor

Dana Johnson Director of Faculty & Education
Center Director

Tel: (850) 644–0003

Taylor Sheplak, MSW

Taylor Sheplak Assistant Director of Faculty & Education Early Intervention Specialist

Tel: (850) 645-5871

Audrey Livingston

No Picture Available Infants & Crawlers Teaching Team Leader, Faculty
Tel: (850) 644-9590


No Picture Available Wobbler Teaching Team Leader, Faculty
Tel: (850) 644-5080

Alejandra Arellano Barocio

No Picture Available Walkers Teaching Team Leader, Faculty
Tel: (850) 644-5092

Sue Cloud

Sue Cloud Toddler Teaching Team Leader, Faculty
Tel: (850) 644-5094

Lindsey Fasce

No Picture Available Tweener Teaching Team Leader, Faculty
Tel: (850) 644–5086

Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall Preschool Teaching Team Leader, Faculty
Tel: (850) 645-9575

Contact Us

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612 S. Copeland Street

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Via U.S. Mail, FedEx / UPS / DHL:
FSU Childcare & Early Learning Programs
612 S. Copeland Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304

Contact FSU Childcare & Early Learning Programs

(850) 644-7970

(850) 644-0063

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