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FSU Childcare & Early Learning Program

FSU Childcare & Early Learning Programs
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Program Participation & Research

Welcome to Florida State University Childcare & Early Learning Program! Our primary mission is to provide the highest quality care and education for children, from birth to kindergarten, enabling FSU student parents, faculty and staff to pursue their educational and career goals. At the same time, we serve the University, state and local community by providing a model program for early childhood training research and service.

As part of our second mission, "to provide young adult student an extension of the classroom that allows hands–on, learning opportunities to develop professionally," we partner with various academic departments to support research and training projects such as research, class projects, observations, practicums, internships and other out–of–the–class experiences.

Academic Departments and Professors

It is our pleasure to provide academic departments and professors with training site where students can extend their classroom learning and put theory to practice in a safe environment. If you course or program requires student to complete observations, practicums, volunteer or internships, please have your student complete the Participation Request below. If you have a special request for a group of students, please feel free to contact us to discuss your request.

Practicum, Observation, Internships, Student Groups and Volunteer Participation

We welcome your participation and the contribution you will make as you become a part of our professional family. Our expectation is that you will come to know and appreciate the many diverse activities and programs that are integral to the centers and the needs of many individuals and programs that must be balanced and coordinated. To that end, we ask for your full cooperation and commitment in, first, becoming thoroughly oriented to the program and to seek assistance when needed. Participants seeking more than 10 participation hours per month will be background screened through the Department of Children and Families Clearinghouse.

To begin your experience please complete the FSU Childcare Participation request.

Research Requests

Thank you for your interest in our program. The FSU Childcare & Early Learning Program is committed to highest quality of care for children and for the young adult students. We understand that the work we do is based on best practices that comes from research in various child centered fields. It is our goal to provide an environment that supports researchers in their work and benefits children, families and teachers.

In order that the maximum benefit is obtained from this mutual enterprise, the Associate Director for the program must review and approve all research and training requests. Requests are evaluated according to the costs and benefits of the study to the programs, research ethics, and center philosophies. Research request will be reviewed and the Associate Director for the program may contact the researcher to make an appointment to discuss the request. For researchers requesting to use children, families, or teachers as subjects, a current IRB approval letter must be submitted with request before Associate Director approval can be given.

Complete the Research request form.

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